Here is a rundown of what I typically offer my clients. It starts with a free initial consultation by email or in person where we talk about your goals, find out where you are currently at and where you want to be. In this consultation I will outline what I would like for you to do to reach your goals and you can make the decision to work with me or not, based off this consultation. Ideally I would work with you for a 12-16 week period. I find that 3-4 months is all people really need to make an amazing change in their body composition, although there are a select few that I would prefer to work longer with. Your goals will dictate the length of time I work with you. I prefer to work online and through emails because I feel that it is the most time effective way for both me and the client. There are no appointments to interrupt your already busy life and you can get back to me whenever it is most convenient for you.

During the 12-16 week period I will give you all of the information that you need to maintain your progress or even continue your progress on your own. I will always be available for questions even after the 12-16 weeks and if you want to continue with me and progress even further I am fine with that. The workouts and nutritional protocols I set up for you would be customized based off your BMR and goals and would be based off your input. I use a Lean Gains or Intermittent Fasting approach with 99% of the people I work with. This method was pioneered by
Martin Berkham and from personal experience and client experience I can tell you it is one of the most effective and easiest methods to adhere to. After reaching their goals most clients actually stick to the same principles and just bump up to maintenance calories.

I prefer to have you work out no more than 3 times a week and I almost never use cardio as a fat loss tool. I have helped people lose weight, gain weight, get ready for competitions and everything in between and if my techniques and workouts are followed I can guarantee results. Let me know if you have any questions. You can Email Me or hit me up on