Friday, March 28, 2014

Marine Guide for Eating (Healthy) in the Field


            This article is aimed at Marines, particularly Marines in units that have extremely limited access to fresh food while in the field, that are forced to consume MRE’s for weeks on end.  Keep in mind I am only looking at this from a health perspective and because I am not a fan of many of the items in MRE’s you will have to supplement with self-purchased items.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Estimating Your Caloric Intake

Why you are probably underestimating what you eat and overestimating how much you are burning and how it is affecting your goals.

     You've had it.  You are overweight or at least unsatisfied with your current appearance in the mirror.  You decided to do something about it and set a goal.  You have taken the hardest step which is giving a crap but the most crucial steps are the ones that follow.  You decide to track the food that you are eating.  You start writing down everything, “estimating” what you are eating.  How accurate are you though?  Are you weighing everything?  Should you be?